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About me & MetaMorfosi Coach

Welcome! I am Natascha!

I am a Life and Caregiver Coach, in training as a Medical Coach, born and raised in Lugano. ​


I have previous experience as an actuary, organizer of medical conferences (oncology and dermatology), and ambulance volunteer.


What led me to become a Life, Medical & Caregiver Coach?


My strong desire, since I was a teenager, to help others. I have always loved listening to people's stories and after the first case of illness in the family my desire was to do something for those who face crises and/or medical challenges (directly or indirectly). In coaching I found a sustainable way to work on skills, resilience and much more. ​


Each of us is a diamond that has the right to shine with its own light and each of us has the ability to do so.


MetaMorphosis - Change is the only constant in our life. Life sometimes presents you with challenges that you didn't think you could overcome, by bringing a MetaMorphosis, you can overcome them. ​


Dragonfly - I chose a dragonfly as my logo, to convey the message of not stopping at appearances, at what we are, as we can become whatever we want. The dragonfly was drawn by me, a paintbrush as the body and palettes as the wings. To remember that everyone has the tools to paint their own canvas.


Little curiosity, in the symbolism the following positive meanings are attributed to the dragonfly: creativity, transformation, balance and victory.

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