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Transform to fly

Life, Medical & Caregiver Coaching ​


I support you on your path of transformation, to reconnect with your strength, your courage, your happiness. ​


Give yourself some time for yourself, to discover yourself.

Dragonfly - symbol of change, creativity, transformation, balance and victory.

Coaching is:

  • a moment all yours

  • a safe, judgment-free space

  • awareness exploring your needs, your dreams

  • create resilience

  • designing actions


Hi I am Natascha

I am a Life and Caregiver Coach, training as a Medical Coach, I want to support you on your journey towards your transformation. ​


I was born in Lugano, where I still live with my family. In 2016 while I was following the CAS - Leadership and Empowerment I discovered coaching.


I fell in love with it, in 2018 I finished training as a coach and in 2021 after an experience as a family caregiver I decided to specialize in Caregiver Coaching. ​


Thanks to my professional and personal experience I aim to create a safe space for the client, where they can express themselves freely and be listened to. Work with the client to transform difficulties into opportunities. ​


Each of us is a diamond that has the right to shine with its own light.


Thoughts and Travel notes

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