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Life Coaching

What do you really want for yourself?


  • Do you want to achieve goals?

  • Do you want to realize your life-long dreams? ​


There are moments when we see our goal or dream clearly, despite this we feel stuck, sometimes even lost, yet we know that our resources are there somewhere... ​


Together we work for:

  • explore and enhance yourself

  • rediscover your resources, strengthen them and/or discover new ones

  • build your resilience

  • build your emotional agility


It will be a moment all yours, to explore yourself, rediscover yourself.


“Whether you think you can do it or not, you are still right.”                                                       

                                                                                           Henri Ford

Lighthouse - discover, rediscover your inner guidance, stay connected to yourself.

Caregiver Coaching

​for professional and non-professional caregivers

Hands - I welcome you, I support you, I help you while respecting with awareness of my abilities, my limits.

​Did you know that taking care of a sick patient, family member, friend... ​


  • can it impact your health?

  • can it affect your personal and professional life?

  • can it create situations of high stress, leading to burnout?

  • can it be emotionally overwhelming?


Taking care of a sick loved one requires a lot of energy and skills which must be learned and

integrated into the daily routine in a very short time.


All of this can lead to an imbalance in one's life.

Together we work for:

  • manage emotions and stress;

  • address the challenges that as a “Caregiver” you may face;

  • find resources that can support you in this role; acquire and develop skills in crisis management;

  • balancing your private life and career with your role as a “Caregiver”.


It will be a space dedicated to you, which will help you navigate this journey, improving your quality of life. ​ ​


"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

                                                                                                                             Mahatma Gandhi

Medical Coaching - (in training)

for doctors, caregivers, patients

What is Medical Coaching?


Medical Coaching is a process that allows clients to develop emotional, mental and physical resilience in a time of crisis and/or medical challenges. ​


A path that accompanies the person during the illness, from diagnosis to recovery. ​


Together we work with cutting-edge coaching techniques:

  • creating a vision

  • dealing with a medical crisis and/or chronic illness

  • coping with chronic stress, burnout or compassion fatigue

  • tools for working through chronic pain (physical and emotional)

  • create a customized model for your wellbeing ​


It will be a space dedicated to you, to be listened to, to find your balance.​


"The human body is a temple and as such it must always be looked after and respected."


Medical Coaching Institute

Flower - create resilience, give yourself the opportunity to be reborn.
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